Coronavirus: Recent travellers from Wuhan to UK told to self-isolate



LONDON: January 28 — Anyone in the UK who has recently arrived from Wuhan – where the deadly coronavirus broke out – is now being urged to “self-isolate”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that any travellers who have returned from the Chinese city in the last two weeks should stay indoors, avoid contact with other people and contact the NHS 111 service.

They should also stay off public transport, although it is okay for friends and family to bring parcels or medicines.

Mr Hancock added that officials are still trying to trace 1,460 people who landed in the UK from the wider Hubei province.

He also admitted “we can’t be 100% certain” that the virus does not spread if an infected person has no symptoms.

So far 100 people have died in China’s Hubei province because of coronavirus, with 2,714 cases diagnosed and Beijing has warned its ability to spread is getting stronger.

Tests on 73 people for the virus in the UK have all come back negative so far.

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