MCO Extension: Ex-Minister wants PM Muhyiddin to roll out greater assistance to lower income groups



KUALA LUMPUR: Former Agriculture and Agro based industry minister Salahuddin Ayub urged the Malaysian government to give more focus and assistance to daily wage earners whom badly affected due to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

According to a press release by Salahuddin Ayub, he stated that his constituency office has helped the lower income group by providing the essential goods.

“We have helped them by providing the essential goods from my own initiative and also with the help of my officers from Pulai constituency.

“However, not even till March 31 or the first phase of the MCO, I have received many complaints from those daily wage earners, small entrepreneurs including those farmer, fishermen and small business operators.

“I hope Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who extended the MCO period till April 14, will not neglect this group of people.

“Does the government prepared a detailed database especially those who are poor, needy and under B40 group which they can directly contact and assist them?” highlighted Salahuddin.

I am really worried this group of people may face difficulty during the MCO period, if the government does not provide a substantial assistance to them.

“When the MCO period extension announced, the main question asked is the factor underlining logistic to overcome food supply to the lower income group.”

Salahuddin earnestly hope that the government will draft out a comprehensive plan to assist the lower income group.