Khairy the right man to propel Malaysia’s technology and innovation aspirations, says Big Dataworks



KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian technology company Big Dataworks welcomes the new cabinet line-up announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Big Dataworks CEO Sheriza Zakaria said that “The key element of integrity runs through the various people of the newly named cabinet members.

“This integrity will be an essential part of the new leadership team tasked with rebuilding the local economy, especially to discuss the challenging conditions of the current global economy.

Big Dataworks is a tech company providing solutions in data supply, data analytics, management of information and physical documents storage.

The tech company is actively engaged to give MYDATA SSM and Digital Certification services benefiting public as well as government agencies.

With the new cabinet unveiled, he hopes the government will give a better consideration to continue attain the Shared Prosperity Vision.

​“Government and corporate sectors must work closely to find problems and promote innovations as the key to providing solutions.

“Often government agencies are quick to preach the technology buzzword or trend without understanding the grave issues.

“For example, Blockchain. We must first set the foundation right and assess the readiness before even diving into newer and promising areas.

Sheriza also highlighted that our country is still behind in implementing Digital Economy and hopes better policies introduced to further strengthen the digital trend.

The newly appointed Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation is Khairy Jamaluddin.

“Khairy is the suitable person to take up the position, being a technology savvy himself and a forward thinker. His global exposure and vision will help to move forward.

“I am confident he will bring the technology related reform, better inclusion of Malaysian technology companies in Digital Economy, tackling the global concerns at home by promoting innovation in renewable energy, gig economy and digital transformation.”

Government should invite more Malaysian technology companies to engage in round table conference to share their industry view.

Sheriza also urge the government to continue the Public Private Partnership as to give in room for transformation and achieving through the Shared Prosperity Vision.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced his new Cabinet and a new structure, with coveted roles for party leaders in the Perikatan Nasional coalition and their allies.

Eliminating the conventional role of a deputy prime minister, he instead appointed four senior ministers who will oversee the ministerial portfolios.