Initiative to empower Drone industry in Malaysia



KUALA LUMPUR: Global Drone Conference & Hackathon 2020(GDCKL2020) is organized to attract local and international industry players, drone enthusiast, technology providers to further leverage the growing industry.

A public-private partnership initiative between SME Corporation Malaysia and Best Events Productions Sdn Bhd aim to empower, support the growth and development of local drone solution providers, as well as promote a sustainable ecosystem to drive the drone industry in Malaysia.

The event is held from March 2 to 3, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exchibition Centre (MITEC).

The aerospace industry development programme introduced by SME Corp Malaysia has identified Air Mobility as one of the sub-sectors under the aerospace industry to be developed.

The Air Mobility programme will emulate the success of the previous Aerospace Manufacturing initiative module that would leapfrog SMEs into global players with tremendous revenue growth and international market penetration.

GDCKL2020 themed ‘Asia’s Flightpath: Future Growth, Industry Verticals’, launched by Chairman of SME Corp Dato Sri Syed Hussein Al Habshee.

The GDCKL2020 brings together more than 20 international industry experts and professionals from relevant to discuss and explore strategies and way forward for the efficient use of commercial drones in Malaysia and Asia.

The main focus of the conference is to share on the advantages of utilizing drone technology especially in agriculture, construction, energy and utilities.

Among the local speakers are Kamarulazman Muhamad (Aerodyne group), Dr.Max Lo (MATA Aerotech Sdn Bhd), Dr.Syed Omar (Malvus Sense), and Mr.Jin Xi Cheong (Poladrone), and International speakers comprised of Mr.Uttam Pudasaini(Nepal Flying Labs), Mr.Benjamin Wannan ( Wannan Space), Mr.Tsuyoshi Habuchi (terra Drone Corporation) and Mr.Kanav Kumar (Better Drones).