CEOs say UK is top investment target


LONDON, January 23 — The UK has bounced back as a destination for future growth among global chief executives, according to a major survey published, reports City AM.

The UK remained the fourth most important territory for growth for chief executives, joint with India and Australia, and behind the USA, China and Germany.

Chief executives in Europe’s largest economies rated the UK as one of the most important territories for their organisation’s future growth, the survey from audit firm PwC found.

For chief executives in Germany, France and Italy, the UK is viewed as positively now as it was in 2015, with a “notable uptick since last year,” the report found.

In Germany, the percentage of chief executives who view the UK as one of their top three growth targets jumped to thirteen per cent, from six per cent last year, to match the level in 2015.

Chief executives in France rate the UK as one of their most popular growth targets at a level (23 per cent) not seen since before the 2016 Brexit referendum.

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