COVID-19: Rohingya refugees participated in Sri Petaling Mosque urged to come forward



KUALA LUMPUR — Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) would like to express its willingness to collaborate with all government ministries to curb Covid 19 in Malaysia.

There are many Rohingya refugees attended the Tabligh Ijtima in Sri Petaling Mosque but based on the information we gather from the Rohingya community there are about 200 Rohingya attended the 4 days program.

MERHROM has been educating the Rohingya refugees through MERHROM State Committee throughout Malaysia about the symptoms of Corona Virus and how to take precautions, said its President Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani.

“As of now, MERHROM received 2 cases from the community.

“First case, a Rohingya refugee had symptoms and I advised him to go to the hospital. He went to Hospital Ampang but was told to go to General Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

“However General Hospital asked for a letter from clinic. Then he returns home. Second case, 3 of Rohingya refugees who attended the Tabligh Ijtima on 28th February 2020 went to Hospital Kajang for testing but was told to return home without testing.” Zafar said.

MERHROM is continuously spreading awareness on precautions in persuading the Rohingya community to go for testing if they have the symptoms.

However, some Rohingya said the government asked everyone to stay at home. MERHROM will continue to monitor the Rohingya community and will do the necessary referral if any.

We encourage all refugees to contact UNHCR Hotline or MERHROM if they have any questions.

MERHROM will continue to assist the Malaysian Government to curb Covid 19.

MERHROM would like to recommend:

  1. To run mobile clinic to test the person with symptoms including their family as many of them afraid to go out due to government order and fear of arrest.
  2. No arrest for Rohingya refugees who still do not have UNHCR card. Many Rohingya refugees do not have UNHCR card due to long process of Refugee Determination Process.
  3. UNHCR to extend its hotline (7am-10pm) to 24 hours
  4. UNHCR to assist the infected Rohingya and their family if any
  5. All who reside in Malaysia to follow Government’s measures to curb Covid 19.