Journalism award and workshop in Vietnam to promote environment issues


HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 21 — In an effort to enhance public communication ability, Center for Urban Regional And Urban Studies (CRUS), Vietnam Sub-Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Climate change (SIHYMECC), Ho Chi Minh Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (HANE) and PR Newswire co-hosted a journalism award and workshop on utilizing press to draw attention of the public to environment issues.

“Continuous and precise communication decides how the society response and react to climate change. The better the writers and journalists are equipped with latest industrial knowledge via close connection and exchange with professionals and colleges, the more efficient the dissemination is,” addressed Ms Van Thi Minh Hoa, Vice-President of HANE at the opening ceremony.

Since first launched in October 2019, journalism contest “Human with Climate change 2019” has received 60 reports under online writing and TV documenting form.

The juries have selected 10 remarkable reports to celebrate their work in documenting climate change impacts and solutions.

To make the best use of media communication, co-hosters agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to further spread the words around within the country and cross border.

Pham Thanh Long, Director of SIHYMECC appraised the cooperation as an international press distributor joined movement to bring Vietnam story to the world.

“Technical scientific research could be delivered in a much digestible way thanks to the hard work of environment journalists. We need to encourage the coverage of such writings to increase the voluntary of people to address environment issues.”

“PR Newswire has a desire to tell the world what and how Vietnam people and government are dealing with climate change, one of the most urgent phenomena in the world. It is expected to diversify communication channels while boosting social awareness of climate crisis and hopefully call for more direct action,” added Vincent Vu, Media Relations Manager of PR Newswire.

Source: PRNewswire